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A traffic ticket can seem like an expensive headache, but there are plenty of reasons to contest a ticket in court. For one thing, a traffic citation will likely raise your insurance premiums while putting your license at risk. In the worst situations, a traffic violation can come with a short jail sentence. The bottom line is this: when you’re accused of a traffic offense, you have the right to defend yourself against the charges. If you have received a traffic ticket in Greenville, you need a Greenville traffic ticket lawyer to fight the ticket for you.

At the Thomas J. Adducci Law Firm, we have handled thousands of traffic tickets, so we know how to get results. Our firm has figured out the best ways to get traffic violations dismissed or wiped from our clients’ records, and we know the best ways to get traffic fines reduced or dropped. After thousands of cases, we’re equipped with the experience and strategies to get the best results on your behalf.

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What Are The Penalties For Traffic Tickets In South Carolina?

Traffic violations can be issued by city police, county sheriffs, the DMV, or other law enforcement agencies who govern traffic safety. But of course, serious traffic violations are typically the purview of city or county law enforcement.

There are three types of traffic violations:

  • Civil violations are usually for minor traffic violations, such as speeding or running a red light. These tickets carry a fine, and the penalties increase with each subsequent ticket. The penalties for civil tickets are set by the state and are the same throughout the state.
  • Criminal violations are issued for more serious traffic violations, such as reckless driving or driving under the influence. These tickets carry fines and possible jail time. The penalties for criminal tickets are set by the county and are the same throughout the county.
  • Administrative violations are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for minor infractions, such as failing to wear a seatbelt or failing to renew your license on time. These tickets carry fines and possible license suspensions.

All violations add points to your DMV record. As few as 12 points could get your license suspended, which is why drivers should fight their tickets whenever possible.

How to Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissed in South Carolina

In South Carolina, you have the right to contest your traffic ticket in court. You can even petition to have your traffic ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, which can keep your point total under the license suspension threshold. But a lot of the ‘strategies’ for fighting traffic violations on the Internet are a mixture of half-truths and urban legends.

There are two ways to get a traffic ticket dismissed:

  • Challenging the officer’s testimony
  • Presenting your own testimony with evidence

Ultimately, the best way to fight a traffic ticket is to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. A Greenville County traffic violation lawyer knows how to get violations reduced or dismissed, ensuring the best outcome possible. Speak to Thomas J. Adducci Law Firm in a free consultation to start figuring out the best strategy for you.

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